I’ve started meditating for 10 minutes minimum each morning. 

I’ve tried to really embrace the letting go of thoughts, and one way which I’ve started doing it was by consciously visualising clouds drifting through my inner mind view.

As a cloud goes by I let a thought go with it which often brings a new thought and another after that…

But as I clear more and more I’ve noticed something happening. 

I feel as if I go into a trance. 

I have strange visions pop up of places I’ve never been. 

Or I see the colours in the darkness of my closed eyes dancing in patterns. 

It’s a blissful feeling! 

But then I become too aware of it and it goes again. 

Is this what meditation is? 

Is this the bliss that it’s meant to bring?

I hope to be able to hold onto those blissful trances more…

Anctuallynits not about holding onto anything, it’s about letting go!