Ive spent most of the day today getting outdoors for a decent walk. 

I find the great outdoors such a refreshing place to be and the more remote it is, the more amazed and relaxed I feel. 

Today’s adventure wasn’t a magnificent one. It was a short walk not far off a main road, easily accessible and certainly no secret. 

The waterfalls I went to see are a popular place to go. But today, mid week and out of tourist season, it wasn’t too busy. Great by me! 

Once I’d reached them, I sat there for a while, perched on a hill half way up looking at the torrent of water falling down, taking so many different paths along its journey. 

As I sat, amazed at the beauty of it, I felt like this may be a good time to try meditation. 

On a rock I made myself comfortable and closed my eyes. 

The Thunder of the waterfalls certainly didn’t bring silence, but its constant noise was almost peaceful, and I listened as I drifted to a deeply relaxing place rather quickly. 

I was imagining the waterfall washing away all thoughts. I was entering that trance like zone again.

I was jolted from that zone by my dog moving. She was sat beside me relaxing too until she spotted a sheep. She just stood and turned to get a better view, the movement of her lead waking me from this trance. 

As my eyes opened, everything seemed brighter and clearer too, like a fog had lifted. 

I think outdoor meditation is definitely something to do more of as the better weather comes along.