Today I was back to meditating. I’d missed 2 days of meditation due to “life hecticness” so today’s meditation was well and truly needed.

Missing meditation has led to an overwhelming feeling of stuff that needs doing. So actually stopping and forcing myself to meditate was quite a hard task in itself. 

But I did it. And I feel revived from it. 

I’ve discovered that binaural beats and ambience music provides a great soundtrack to meditate to. 

The app, Brain Wave by Banzai Labs I’ve found to be good. You can choose a selection of different programs to use, such as creativity boost, euphoria, unwind, anger relief, confidence boost… and so many more. 

These programs play a different selection of waves that are designed to stimulate different thoughts in the brain. 

Along with the different programs are many ambience sounds to play alongside the brain waves. 

Or, choose music from your music library. 

Set the time you wish to listen to it and press play! 


Today, I went into the meditation with intent to focus on goal achieving listening to the creativity boost program. 

I ended up in that trance like state and transported elsewhere… I was at a farm with people I love. We were looking over at pigs for some reason. 

I’m not sure why these visions seem to come to me and I’m sure there’s some sort of meaning to them which I’ll learn to embrace and listen to over time. 

I find this rather fascinating and look forward to the outcome of my meditation sessions!