In a stressful life that seems to be relentless at the moment, I’m trying to use meditation more and more as a way to manage and cope with the stress. 

Taking 10 minutes to free my thoughts and emotions during the working day has helped immensely. 

The meditation hasn’t always taken me to those lucid trance-like places I’ve managed to go to previously.

Today, I started the day with meditation. I tried to get myself upnon the green hillside where I watch my thoughts drift away on the fluffy white clouds in front of a vivid blue sky. 

All I saw was a wall. I couldn’t turn to a window. I couldn’t open a door. I was trapped inside a room staring at a wall. 

At first I fought my visions, pushing to see the countryside beyond, but I was losing the battle. 

So I stopped and embraced the vision of the wall. Not fighting it. Looking at it to understand it. 

I’m not sure what exactly happened but somewhere I drifted and experienced that trance state. 

I was aware of being in the countryside, not on the hill looking at the clouds, but with someone.

Someone I clearly connected with and who was willing me to move on and explore the countryside more, seeing what was beyond the horizon. 

I was brought to by confusion of not being able to workout where my legs were, a strange feeling! 

I think I was so intensely immersed in my trance that my physical awareness of my own body shut down… if that makes sense. 

Slightly panicked by this I came around and wiggled my feet to realise that my left ankle was crossed over my right… my legs were still there! Phew! 

But thinking back, what an amazing feeling that was in that moment of lucid dreaming!